St. Peter’s Prestbury


St Peter's Church, Prestbury, Cheshire


The church is the Christian heart of the community. Its website is full of information about services and church activities.


Further information can be found in Wikipedia and in “St. Peter’s Prestbury” by Gordon B. Hindle (2001) and the latest edition of “Prestbury and its ancient church” by John Earles both of which are obtainable from the church.


The church is a popular subject for photographers and artists. The Prestbury Photogallery has photographs of the church, the Norman Chapel and the churchyard. An illustration by Riseley is shown on the left. Church publications have more illustrations.


For centuries, the bells have played a part in church and village events and have rung out in celebration of national as well as local occasions. Click here if you did not hear the sound of  bells in the background.


The church is noteworthy for its strong musical tradition. In the summer of 2004 the Men and Boys’ and Evensong Choir sang services at Lichfield Cathedral. The Precentor and Vergers kindly allowed the choir to make a CD. Click on the cover on the left to hear the Magnificat (Herbert Murrill). Click on the cover in the centre to hear the Three Kings (Peter Cornelius) as recorded at St. Peter’s Church on 15th October 2005. Click on the cover on the right to hear part of The Crucifixion (John Stainer) as recorded at St. Peter’s Church on 9th April 2006.




The Crucifixion